311 and Uplifter Innovations are excited to announce the release of the new Grassroots Uplifter Cart.  A companion to the highly successful Grassroots Uplifterv2 disposable, the Uplifter Cart is the result of demand from fans for a rechargeable version.  The end result is an aesthetically beautiful, ultra-premium quality product that matches the original disposable Uplifter and Uplifter v2 in every way, but in a rechargeable.

“We spent two years developing the original Uplifter, and were been blown away by the positive response it received since its launch earlier this year,” Nick Hexum, lead singer and guitarist of 311 said.  “While people love the convenience of the disposable Uplifter, many asked if it was possible to put that same quality and thought into a rechargeable version.  We listened and are very excited to now introduce, by popular demand, the UplifterCart rechargeable."  

The Uplifter Cart debuted as a surprise release at Nick Hexum's in-store appearances at the Evergreen Market in Auburn, Washington and Mary Jane's House of Grass in Vancouver, Washington on June 25 and 26, 2016, where it quickly sold out.

Uplifter Cart kits and replacement cartridges are available at legal dispensaries throughout California and Washington, and will be released shortly in Oregon and Colorado.  Click on WHERE TO BUY for availability near you.

In addition, empty Uplifter Cart kits and replacement cartridges, ready to fill and enjoy with your favorite essential oils, will be available on the ONLINE STORE starting on July 29, 2016.