Grassroots Uplifter™ v2 Available throughout California!

The Grassroots Uplifter v2 is now available throughout California through  

From San Diego to San Francisco, speedweed can deliver to most locations, directly to your doorstep.

Simply click on the above or give them a call at (888) 860-8472 to place your order!

April 11, 2016 - Worldwide release of official Grassroots Uplifter™ video, featuring 311 and friends and all new music, "Island Sun"

Uplifter Release Video (Official)

Introducing the Grassroots Uplifter™ Cart


311 and Uplifter Innovations are excited to announce the release of the new Grassroots Uplifter Cart.  A companion to the highly successful Grassroots Uplifter™ v2 disposable, the Uplifter Cart is the result of demand from fans for a rechargeable version.  The end result is an aesthetically beautiful, ultra-premium quality product that matches the original disposable Uplifter and Uplifter v2 in every way, but in a rechargeable.

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After two years of extensive research and development, multi-platinum rock band and legendary cannabis connoisseurs 311 launched their highly anticipated disposable vape pen – the Grassroots Uplifter™, in early 2016.

The sleek, state-of-the-art original Uplifter™ pen – designed in-house by 311  – requires no recharging, no refilling and is easy, discreet and convenient to use.  Just pull it out and hit it. No cartridges, USB chargers or anything else needed.

The new Uplifter v2™ improves on the original Uplifter™ in every way, offering even better taste and a longer battery life.

Always good to touch base with our friends at Alternative Nation.  Check out their recent interview with Nick, discussing the Grassroots Uplifter™ and more, HERE


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What is the Uplifter™?

The Grassroots Uplifter™ is . . .


More to come . . .


 Stay tuned for more product information, special events, exclusive music, videos and shows from 311 and much more!