311 day 2018

311 day 2018

311 day 2018

311 day 2018

June 3, 2017 - 311 Performs at the northern california cannabis cup

June 3, 2017 - 311 Performs at the northern california cannabis cup

May 2, 2017 - 311 and Uplifter Innovations Introduce New Grassroots Uplifter Cart v2 Kit


November 25, 2016 - 311 and Uplifter Innovations Introduce New Big Cloud Box Mod Vape Kit

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August 18, 2016 - Seattle, WA  - 311 Closes out 2016 Summer Tour in Seattle 

311 closed out the main leg of its 2016 Summer Tour with a return to Seattle.  "It's been a while since we've been to Seattle, so we were thrilled to be back," Nick Hexum said. 

In addition to the rare Seattle appearance, the band made an almost equally rare "all hands" in-store appearance at the Have A Heart - Belltown dispensary. "It's so hectic on the road, it's hard to get the entire band together to get out and meet with our fans," Hexum said. "So it was a lot of fun to be able to do it in Seattle.  We are so grateful to have the best fans in the world, and we love being able to meet as many of them as possible when we can.  We also appreciate the support of Have A Heart, Evergreen Extracts, and the many other Washington dispensaries that now carry our Uplifters."

The entire Grassroots Uplifter line, including the disposable Uplifter v2 and the rechargeable Uplifter Cart Rechargeable and replacement cartridges, are now widely available throughout the Portland, Seattle and Vancouver areas.

See http://www.grassrootsuplifter.com/where-to-buy/ for where to buy.


July 27, 2016 - 311 announces release of new Grassroots Uplifter Cart Rechargeable


June 24, 2016 - "Travel Joint Interviews 311 On Their New Uplifter Vape Pen"    


Travel Joint Interviews 311 on their New Uplifter Vape Pen

The members of 311 are some of the biggest cannabis advocates in modern music. This year they are putting their money where their music is, and launching a new line of cannabis products. The Grassroots Uplifter is a new vapor pen personally designed by 311. Nick Hexum the band’s vocalist and guitar player lead the design process. He sat down with the Travel Joint to discuss the Grassroots Uplifter and the future of brand name cannabis. 311 is constantly touring and will take to the high seas when the 311 Cruise sets sail for Cozumel next spring. The Grassroots Uplifter is available in California, Washington and Colorado with plans for expansion in compliance with all applicable state laws.

There is a lot of pride in making the Grassroots Uplifter from scratch. To start would you walk us through the your design process?

It was nearly three years ago that I started to see vapeing all over.  I said “you know if somebody really nails this for cannabis, with a great disposable that’s totally hassle-free, that’s going to be an amazing product.” Meaning it’s discreet and not wasteful and it tastes the same from beginning to end.

I went around to dispensaries and bought vapes that existed in the field and there was some good stuff, but I saw a lot of ways it could be a lot better. So I really started tinkering, taking them apart to see how they worked.

Part of the research was “what concentrate is best?” From learning about the process we settled on a Co2 oil as being our preferred method. There are plenty of ways to medicate, enjoy and partake but we were really going for the premium, for the people that like organic food and nonGMO. So part of designing the hardware started out with drawing the tank, asking which battery to use, what type of burner to use. We ended up going with a nickel burner. We went through a bunch of revisions and prototypes.

Some things would only work for one week or got fogged up, so there was a lot of revisions. Fortunately the guys in the band [311] were plenty happy to test the nickel one that my design partner came up with. And then we really settled-in with the Uplifter. And as good as I think the Uplifter is, we have also since come up with a bunch of ways to improve it. So we are all about innovation and we are going to be coming out with some new products shortly, including an update on the Uplifter.

What will vape connoisseurs be sure to appreciate about the Grassroots Uplifter?

I hope the first thing that catches their eye is the 311 logo. I think we are a trusted brand, we try to get really good value with our products and ticket prices and so forth. So hopefully that transfers over and people know we put the same type of care into this product. And people will be able to see what is in it with the clear tank, so you can see the oil and see how much is left, see the purity of it. And the vape pen just has a sleek, sexy look with the stainless body to it. It was a lot of fun to design.

Is the Grassroots Uplifter strain specific?

No, I think ideally in each shop there would be sativa, a hybrid, and an indica. We are also talking to some CBD makers for people that just want CBD, a non-psychoactive with very very low THC. I mean my mom is fighting multiple myeloma, which is a form of bone marrow cancer. She just wants the CBD, because she likes to have a clear head. So we are looking into both the medical and recreational side.

So the Uplifter is not strain specific, it is made for high viscosity. It needs to have the right viscosity, because a lot of these concentrates come out like sludge and that would not work well. So I have good oil makers and extractors that make organically-grown pure Co2 that does not need any polyethylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, coconut oil, vegetable glisten – all the things people are cutting cannabis with, we don’t do any of that.

So for Pure Co2, I need an extractor that can do it right and come out with the right viscosity to work, which has been a big part of the research. We do all that for our customers so they don’t have to worry about it. You just open it and you puff. You don’t have to dry, you don’t have to fill. Some people enjoy more of a hands-on type of cartridge style where they want to reuse the battery or they want to fill it themselves. So we do have options for the real aficionado connoisseur types, but the basic Uplifter is for people who want to grab something, take a puff, and go.

Who is processing the extractions?

In California there is a company called True Co2 who is just an excellent extractor. They fill and distribute the Uplifter. And in Colorado there is a company called Tabernash, who are ready to fill our vapes and distribute to the dispensaries there. We are working with a company called Evergreen Extracts in Washington state. And we would love to have a Nevada distributor. So if there is somebody making good Co2 oil – we would love to talk to you.

What makes the Grassroots Uplifter such a great project for 311 to take on now?

I think it is because 311 started as a band, but became more of a movement, it is a lifestyle. It is about positive people that want to get together and have a good time, there is a party-vibe to us. So doing things like the cruise, which we just announced is going to Mexico. And then doing 311 Day which is kind of like our convention. And then coming out with our own beer (311 Amber Ale) and then coming out with lifestyle products like the Uplifter, it just seemed like the perfect fit, because it’s a way of life and a different way for people to enjoy a non-destructive positive vibe.

Is there anything else on your upcoming Vegas show?

I think it has become a nice tradition, 4th of July weekend with the beach shows and fireworks. And we had a blast doing it last year, it was a very high-energy crazy show.  4th of July in Vegas has become a bit of an event, where if we are not coming to a fan’s hometown or if a fan wants a more immersive 311 experience, they will come to Vegas for the two days. So we are definitely looking forward to that.

Stay Lifted – The Travel Joint


6/8/16 - Nick Hexum of 311 to appear at meet-and-greets in Washington for the debut of the new Uplifter v2.

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Nick Hexum Interview with Alternative Nation April 15, 2016

Nick Hexum Talks New 311 Disposable Vape Pen, Hear New Song “Island Sun”

Multi-Platinum, Los Angeles rock band 311, announced the launch of their disposable vape pen – the Grassroots Uplifter™ on Tuesday. It’s a product the band has designed from scratch. Physically, the vape pen is stainless steel, requires no recharging and no refilling. It’s described as easy, discreet and convenient to use as no cartridges or USB chargers are needed. The backtrack in the launch video is a brand new 311 song entitled “Island Sun,” which was debuted at 311 Day last month.

The vape pen is something the 311 camp has had in the works for nearly two years. Shortly after the announcement, 311 frontman, Nick Hexum, explained to Alternative Nation the intent behind the band launching this product. “About three years ago it occurred to me that vaping concentrates is really the best way to use cannabis. I went out and bought various vape pens on the market and decided there was a lot of room for improvement. Generally, people are using e-cigarettes that were designed for nicotine which requires dilution. It was fun to design something from scratch that worked perfectly with pure CO2 oil. That was another part of our process in determining that pure CO2 oil is definitely the most health-conscious and best tasting concentrate to use.”

As you can imagine, there was a thorough and intense research and development process for the band to complete. “First it was taking the existing models apart and understanding how they work and finding ways to improve. Then we went through three or four prototypes until we settled on the current design. Then it was beta testing for the past 9 months. Fortunately, my bandmates were more than happy to test and give feedback,” said Hexum.

Uplifter Innovations, along with 311, designed and produces the unique Grassroots Uplifter™ personal vaporizer, and does not produce or sell cannabis in any form. The Uplifter™ is designed and intended for vaporization of e-liquids only in a manner consistent with all applicable laws. So what makes it different from what’s already on the market? “The burner, the wick, the tank, the look, it’s all unique to our product,” Hexum says.

The Uplifter™ will be available soon in Colorado and other states in compliance with all applicable laws. At this time, the Uplifter™ is only available wholesale to vape and smoke shops and others who are able to legally distribute vaporizers. Direct retail sales of the Uplifter™ hardware and other great products from 311 and Uplifter Innovations are in the works and coming soon. As far as 311 fans expecting the vape pen to be sold at future 311 shows, Hexum says, “As the legal climate evolves, I definitely see that happening. I mean, it’s safer than beer so why the hell not?!”

Still after 25 years as a band, 311 continues to innovate and build the renowned overall 311 experience. They just completed an epic 311 Day and have their annual Summer Unity Tour on tap. Speaking of on tap, the band also has their own beer, Amber Ale, which they were also heavily involved with, crafting the recipe in partnership with Rock Brothers Brewing. 311 Amber Ale was recently available at the Smoothie King Center during the 311 Day shows (where it completely sold out) and should be going to cans this summer. It’s currently in select markets for draft and that will grow too over this year. “By late summer of 2016, 311 Amber Ale will be launching in cans in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Nebraska and Southern California. Some additional Midwest states will also be included, but are not final at this time. Mail order shipping to all states where legally permitted will also be available this summer,” says Rock Brother Brewing Owner, Kevin Lilly.



Omaha World-Herald April 13, 2016

"311 to Offer Smokeless Vape Pen Called the Grassroots Uplifter"



Iconvsicon April 12, 2016

311 Announces Release of Grassroots Uplifter Premium Disposable Vape Pen



March 11, 2016

311's Nick Hexum and P-Nut to Host High Times' 2016 U.S. Cannabis Cup Award Show