Q: Does Uplifter Innovations sell cannabis or nicotine?

A: No. Uplifter Innovations, along with 311, designed and produces the unique Grassroots Uplifter™ v2 and Uplifter™ Cart personal vaporizers, and does not produce or sell cannabis or nicotine in any form. The Uplifter™ v2 and Uplifter™ Cart are designed and intended for vaporization of essential oils only in a manner consistent with all applicable laws.

Q: Can I buy an empty Uplifter™ v2 or Uplifter™ Cart??

A:  Yes!  Empty Uplifter™ v2s and Uplifter™ Carts are now available in our online store.  These are intended for use with legal essential oils only.  Other great products from 311 and Uplifter Innovations are in the works and coming soon!  So be sure to check the store again in the coming weeks and months.

Q:  How many puffs should I expect from the Uplifter™ v2?

A:  The Uplifter™ v2 is designed to provide at least 100 full pulls.  The difference between the Uplifter™ and other disposable vapes is the quality and length of those puffs.  Most other disposables can only be drawn on for 4-5 seconds before shutting down to avoid overheating.  We found that to be too short.  The Uplifter™ v2 is designed to allow longer drags of up to 8 seconds - more than enough for a deep pull.  So 100 full pulls on an Uplifter™ v2 is equal to 200 on most other disposable vapes.

Q:  Is the Uplifter™ v2 recyclable?

A:  Yes!  All places carrying the Uplifter™ v2 participate in our recycling program.  Simply drop it off when you pick up your next Uplifter™ v2 and they'll handle the rest.

Q:  Our smoke shop or other organization is interested in carrying the Uplifter™ v2 and Uplifter™ Cart, how can we do that?

A:  Just hit us up through the Contact tab, we'd love to talk to you.